Why I Keep Telling You Jezebel.com Is Terrible

So this blog is starting rather negative, but when all you think about is things that are wrong with the world and funny things your almost four year-old niece told you, that’ll happen. Also I don’t have time to do my massive heteronormative relationships post with horrifying internet pictures/quotes.

So jezebel.com fails as a feminist website and here’s why:

  1. I can’t get over the fact that they give a man a platform to talk about how to be a feminist*, and what issues concern women, when his method is telling women to let men cum on their faces “because it makes the guy feel clean” and somehow that makes it feminist (when you do something explicitly to make a man feel more comfortable about his penis, and not because you’re into it, I think that is far from feminist and is, in fact, the most unfulfilling way to have sex). Furthermore, this man (whose name I will not mention because if you’re going to look him up, I’m not giving him his precious pagehits) routinely writes in the most patronizing way possible, frames feminism in terms of what women have done to him, and tried to murder his ex-girlfriend, which he sees as similar to accidentally endangering the life of a dog. OH BUT DON’T MENTION THIS ON JEZEBEL in relevant comment areas, in fact, don’t criticize him at all. You might actually get banned over it. Seriously.
  2. Their articles have no substance. They link to other sites and show pictures and offer next to zero original content.
  3. The commenters are so fucked up I can’t even just… http://fucknojezebel.tumblr.com
  4. Gawker (Jezebel’s parent) motivates its writers by making page hits public to them. This means I have to see “whore” in the title of links on my fb newsfeed because… ohh! They must be hardcore! They have such snappy titles and say whore and stuff!
  5. They routinely post incredibly racist, classist articles without criticism. Like, all the time. It’s about a woman so it must be feminist, right? RIGHT? No.
  6. It is seriously not any different from Cosmopolitan magazine. I don’t know how people claim that it is. Choice feminists seem to run rampant, so that’s probably how. An article about why men like teen porn? That actually says nothing? Check.
  7. You can seriously find ALL of its content elsewhere on the internet, without being an oppressive fucker. It may be a good starting point for people who aren’t comfortable calling themselves feminists yet to then, I don’t know, google the word and find better stuff, but after those twelve seconds it has no business calling itself feminist.
  8. I’m sure I’m forgetting other things. I haven’t clicked on a jezebel link in weeks, so my irritation is stale.

My issues with it primarily center around its claim to be feminist, and people defending it as feminist, when it is oppressive as hell. I mean, it got some award for best website for women’s issues or something, which is positively enraging. If they aren’t doing some half-assed job of calling out racism, they’re letting racism slide. As a regular (non-feminist) website, I don’t care as much, because so many websites have problems. I also don’t care if you enjoy it. We all like problematic things to some extent; it’s kind of inescapable. Just link to wherever the actual content comes from when you’re reposting it, and don’t try to sell me on the fact that it’s “soooo feminist it talks about politics that hurt women!!!!!!” No, it posts a link to another article with a title that facetiously calls birth control “whore pills” so you’ll click on it.

*I do believe that men can be feminists. I do not think that their voices should be better heard in feminist circles than women’s voices. In general society men can be better feminist advocates because of their gender privilege; however, in feminist spaces it’s generally accepted that we all think feminism is a good thing, so a man making an effort to use his privilege in that space is essentially anti-feminist

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15 Responses to Why I Keep Telling You Jezebel.com Is Terrible

  1. liberalcynic says:

    I think Jezebel sucks too. I’m a big fan of their sister-site Lifehacker, and occasionally I’ve clicked on Jezebel. One suggestion though: when you have such specific criticisms of Jezebel, add links to those pages. Would be helpful.

    • Scarlett says:

      I guess it would be helpful, but I would really like to give Jezebel as little traffic as possible since that is their whole goal (this was my deliberate intent in not supplying links, it wasn’t just laziness or underhandedness).

  2. josephfm says:

    I still find it entertainingly terrible sometimes? And like their parent site, every rare once in a while they post something worthwhile and original – though not enough.

    (That said, the only Gawker site I read with any regularity is io9 because they sometimes post actually insightful literary criticism, which I suppose they can get away with only because they’re pigeonholed as a site for geeks.)

  3. MaxeneB says:

    Thank the lawd! Speak! Like you, I’m just done with Jezebel. Although said site speaks about feminist issues, it generally ends up being quite superficial. A lot of the commentors remind me of the Pseudo-feminists (harsh, yes) I go to school with now.

  4. Yosra says:

    Asalamu Alaykom,

    I have been really upset today over at Jezebel. They illustrated an article about Saudi Olympic Judo contender Wodjan Shahrkhani with two nameless women in niqab. As if there weren’t any actual pictures of the young athlete!

    It’s so ironic that the writer laments how “the clerics” limit Saudi women YET Jezebel actually takes away the personal identity of Wodjan. The analogy is that we can’t put a pic of a blonde in a bikini alongside an article about American Olympic Swimmer Chloe Sutton. It would be wrong; Bad Journalism 101. Yet, somehow fakey feminists think we can interchange covered Muslim women as if we were lacking humanity.

    I can’t figure out why my comment hasn’t appeared. Maybe it never will. After reading this, I will reconcile myself to the fact that I shouldn’t be on Jezebel—it’s bad for my fasting this Ramadan. I really don’t want to break my fast in anger.

  5. iselut says:

    So true Jezebel sucks and the writers are insane hard-core lefties(not saying all lefties are insane !). Being a woman, I can’t help being disgusted that those writers seem to think they represent all women. How is it liberating to women to pretty much encourage women to sleep around as much as possible ? They do not represent me.

  6. willow says:

    not to mention the fact that they once posted stills from a video of a rape showing the victim’s face, then got all pissy when people called them on it

    • So true... says:

      Thank you for mentioning that willow. I have complained about their exploitation for years now, but many people defend them as “raising awareness”. As a stranger r*pe survivor, the situation you mention really made me hate them. They are just exploiters hiding behind a “feminist” facade. I hope Anna Holmes doesn’t sleep well at night, since she makes her money on the backs of sexual assault survivors. Writing “outrage” blog articles about rape is not “doing something for rape victims” it’s ginning up page views for money. They make me sick.

  7. Bingo. Jezebel basically lays claim to the moral high ground by claiming to be “feminist,” and then goes on to entertain & provide a soapbox for Every. Other. Negative. Human. Trait. It’s an awful, awful site for awful, awful women. Best of all is they’re not any more literate, or well-educated than anyone else… So basically, it’s the usual crowd of angry, screeching, poop-flinging monkeys you’ll find on any other internet forum, but on Jezebel, they take the additional step of insinuating that you’re a rapist. Lovely.

  8. Trey says:

    Sweet Jesus! I never would’ve thought I’d see this! A feminist hating Jezebel?! I see how openly misandristic those fuckers are all the time, poking fun at loser guys or dudes who complain about how there’s no protection for them at their dangerous jobs while women get all sorts of safety gear, and quoting percentage drops of deadly work accidents for males (because dudes got fired during the recession) to say that the world is worse for women, but to think that a feminist would think they suck at feminism?! How much of a poisonous b**** do you have to be to say they aren’t doing enough man-hating? Furthermore, how much of a nitpicker do you have to be to get mad about their racism when these are feminists we’re talking about?! The two practically go hand in hand! There’s not a single feminist who doesn’t hate the guts of every black male and every Hispanic period- because black dudes are ‘violent’ and Hispanics are ‘too conservative’. If you don’t want racism, why don’t you look for articles written by people actually interested in gender equity, instead of people who’s entire ideology revolves around hate and automatically assumes that women have it worse without looking into things a little first. Then, to top it all off, you hate on male feminists – the lowest of the low – self-hating men who are so subservient (or beta or whatever) that they pull their own gender down and grovel at the feet of women – because you think they’re usin some sort of goddamned privelege?! What person with any privelege stoops that low? Prostitutes are more honorable than these men, and they’re arguably the least priveleged women out there. There’s no privelege to being a man. Men can’t make a living taking pictures or videos of themselves and selling them on the web. We can’t even do too well literally selling sex. If you’re a woman, you can do porn for 200k a year. If you’re man: you’d be lucky getting 10k. If you’re a woman, you can declare rape on any man, and he will at least be detained for 48 hours (may even get arrested) – he could be totally innocent. If you’re a man – you get raped by a woman, people laugh at you, and the cops do nothing. If you’re a man, you have to sign up for the draft lottery when you turn 18. If you’re a woman, you have no such obligation to your country. I could go on forever. Look, the thing is, the situation is messed up on each side. Which gender’s doing better depends on your preferences. Do you prefer a society that wants you to live, goes out of its way to protect you, listens to you when you’re in pain, and cares about your safety? Then women have it better for you. Do you want to live in a society hat doesn’t give a fuck about you, can throw you to the dogs instantly, will imprison you for nothing, and expects you to throw away your life for it, but allows you the a decent opportunity of achieving godlike wealth, an endless supply of sex with the best the country has to offer, the ability to give your name a legacy that lasts for centuries, and power unimaginable over millions of people – but you have to put in tons of blood, sweat, and tears constantly, and you’d still have a much higher chance of being a complete failure and dying alone? Then men have it better. I prefer to be a man in this world, but that may only be because I am one, and I’ve put in a lot of effort already. But I acknowledge the fact tha I too can be a complete failure. You can’t have both in this world, and whatever one person gets here another person is deprived of. Thanks to feminism, women today are getting all of the first scenario benefits, with a decent opportunity for second scenario benefits, and none of the second scenario obligations. Also because of feminism, men are losing the second scenario opportunities rapidly, and getting more second scenario obligations, with absolutely no first scenario benefits/protection. They’re becoming cynical. Many want to quit this country entirely- and if that happens, it’s gonna be hell for both genders. Personally, I’m gonna get successful, grab a respectable woman, and move the hell out of here before it’s too late. The situation isn’t equal for men. It sucks for most of them. The only reason I’m not gone yet is that I personally have been gifted by God with enough intellect to study math at an Ivy, and enough muscles and sex appeal to get laid by decent women here. However, I see my comrades falling left and right, and it’s only a matter of time before I get hit too. I’m a black male, and most of my highschool friends are in prisons. That I mentioned my own status and the status of those I grew up with should tell you something about being a man in today’s world. I know you probably won’t put this post up, because you’ll claim misogyny, but do so anyway, because I fucking love women, and if anything, I hope that people get a message out of this. Even if it’s the wrong damned one.

  9. Marnz says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this, I felt like I was going crazy. The more I read Jezebel, the angrier I got at how ill-informed all of the contributors were. And petty! SO PETTY. They have such a huge base of people and could get so many wonderful, constructive conversations started, but it’s a gossip website full of inconsistencies and insults. In a desperate attempt to feel validated, I googled “Jezebel sucks” and found this. Thanks!

  10. Alana says:

    I don’t hate Jezebel because it’s a feminist website, even though I’m sure a lot of people do.

    I just don’t like some of their posts and ESPECIALLY the comments. They are so bitchy and judgmental it’s infuriating.

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