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Three Things Feminists Do Not Say and Two Things Modified to the Point of Meaninglessness (a response)

“Five Things Feminists Need to Stop Saying” I find that the three things feminists do not say at all (1, 3, 4) are often perpetuated by people who do not identify as feminists. It is most often women who indulge … Continue reading

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Why I Keep Telling You Is Terrible

So this blog is starting rather negative, but when all you think about is things that are wrong with the world and funny things your almost four year-old niece told you, that’ll happen. Also I don’t have time to do … Continue reading

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I believe there are bad feminists

In the feminist community, there is this inexplicable idea that you can’t police people’s identity as feminists. Sure, I can’t keep them from saying they’re feminists, but just because you call yourself a feminist, it doesn’t mean you are one, … Continue reading

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